Glenn Beck: MSM’s Smoothest Operator

As much as it’s going to make you want to pound finish nails into your gums when you get the visual image on this one, CNN spokesdouche Glenn Beck gave us a shining moment of “ew” when he interviewed Dina Sansing (she of US Weekly) and actually remarked that he’d like to take nude photos of her. On the air. Which is totally okay, because she’s, like, got a vagina, and true to the ways of those of us with vaginas, when Beck offered his generous services with such panty-wetting smoothness, Sansing immediately sashayed down the hall to Beck’s office, stripped nude and bent obligingly over his desk on a stack of sticky US Weeklys and Viagra brochures. Actually, she just stared at him silently, like the fucking lunatic he is, wondering how someone as obviously as developmentally disabled as Beck can possibly go potty by themselves.
You can see the whole thing in the video @ Crooks and Liars.

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