An Inconvenient Cup of Tea

p1726h.jpgWhen I first saw this Global Warming Mug on Shiny Shiny I thought it was really morbidly neato, but then when I read the guilt-addled text on the Firebox website, I felt more like filling the mug with tears (and then booze, and then more tears) when they told me things like,

Sorry to break this to you, but global warming is your fault. In fact it’s everyone’s fault. Unless of course you’re one of those sanctimonious celebs whose carbon footprint is non-existent because you lead a ridiculously green lifestyle. That is when you’re not jetting around the globe filling your coffers with wads of cash made from a few thousand acres of pulped rainforest.

Okay, ouch. That hurts! But still, it’s a fun-looking heat-activated mug, even if it’s a steaming cuppa guilt.

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