Tripod Breakdancing: Don’t Call It A Disability, Beyotch

About this B-Boy breakdancing battle video, Jackson said it all: “I love the posts about amputees and prosthetics. Thought you might get a kick out of this — one b-boy is an amputee and the other has a degenerative bone disease. But they could beat most any ‘regular’ chumps with their moves, both with and without crutches. Hot shit! I especially like the move where the cat does a hand spin and his track pants fall down to reveal his maple-leaf shorts. Happy Canada Day.”
The video is embedded after the jump, but don’t miss the description about what’s going on with French Petit Jeantao (“Petit Freez”) who has only one leg and Luca “Lazylegz” Patuelli, who has arthrogryposis.

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One comment on “Tripod Breakdancing: Don’t Call It A Disability, Beyotch
  1. I’m from the bronx and I risk dating myself satingwas around a lil after breakdance came on the scene,I watched this Video about 5times and I really couldn’t pick the best.they each have their own style and lazylegs with the ghetto hardcore ”braggdocio”style with the shoulders +who knows what tricks he will pull..out of his pants?”classic creativity”!!he’s a dancre in the truest sence with the rhythem he never loses time to the beat.and jean the more formal craetive to the point style..more abstract. I think they will be putting on good dances for people to come for a longtime! but eveytime I dont think I Could pick a winner they are both good atheleats and dancers.and good sports as well.Im a fan and I cannot wait until they come to nyc and or there next battle…i’t S gonna be ON like pop corn!!

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