She’s Geeky: A Tech (Un)Conference

Image of Robot Girl via HappySoda.
This looks like it’ll be lots of fun, of the fierce punk girlbot army variety, and not the “how do I monetize my mommyblogging” variety. Snip:
She’s Geeky: A Women’s Tech (un)Conference
October 22-23 Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA.
Our goal is to create an open space forum for women in tech to come together to:
1. Exchanging skills and learning from women from diverse fields of technology.
2. Discussing topics about women and technology.
3. Connecting the diverse range of women in technology, computing, entrepreneurship, funding, hardware, open source, nonprofit and any other technical geeky field. This is an unconference so it will have an agenda created by the people who attend. She’s Geeky will include women working in:
* Open Source
* Web 2.0
* Biotech
* Hardware companies
* Enterprise IT
* The Nonprofit Technology Sector
* Portals
* Search Engines
* Social Networking Sites
* Research for and about technology/people
* Startups generally
* Product building/management in large organizations
* Robotics
* Gaming
* Mobile
* Technical Writing
* Your definition of geekiness (if you don’t see it here add it)
She’s Geeky is for women of all ages who self identify as geeks. You don’t have to code. You can like and use the tools — or maybe you just care about the issues facing women as they work in or around technology development.
Women who are passionate about building technology that’s useful for people and believe that passionate, geeky women’s presence in our industry leads to more opportunity, a more supportive and civilized environment and better technology goals for all.
We would like your help if you would like to be involved in helping please email Kaliya Hamlin and let her know how you want to help. Kaliya (at) mac (dot) com

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  1. Violet-thanks for posting!
    We’d like to talk with you about actually being involved with this conference..I am not sure my email reached you (or your reply reached me?)
    –Would love to chat.

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