Nerd Rage Rap: You Fucked It Up

Nerd Rage Rap: You Fucked It Up finally articulates the real serious anger we nerds and geeks have at Hollywood and pop culture for fucking up core geek values, from making a shitpile of our favorite childhood movies to Apple and AT & T. People forget that cult nerd memes are precise and every detail is what makes them great — and they forget that we geeks and nerd are really fucking angry about a lot of things almost all of the time.

The Nerd Rage Rap comes from the Sidecar Comedy guys (via The Awesomer) and my marriage proposals to them will be arriving via carrier droid ASAP. I couldn’t find the lyrics, but here’s a quick transcript:

Our entertainment’s getting ruined
And it makes us sick
The Watchmen movie
Sucked Doc Manhattan’s blue dick
We see right through you
We know what’s up
You took shit we loved
And you fucked it up
Steve Jobs
I got a bone to pick
You design electronics
That really stiffen my dick
But then you chop it off with scissors
Called AT & T
And you feed it through a shredder
Called slow-assed 3G

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