Bee Attack in Florida

Bee Attack in Florida

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This is a very sad and scary story about the death of two family dogs from an attack of swarming bees in Riviera Beach, Florida. However, it is considerably harder to take seriously when the Riviera Beach Fire Rescue Division Chief calls Animal Control "critter control", and when there’s an accompanying ad for online first-person shooter game S.W.A.T. Assault. I feel bad for the family and the poor dogs… what a horrible way for a pooch to die.

Animal Control (not "critter control") removed 50 pounds of honeycomb in this case, which simultaneously gives me the jitters and makes me want baklava.

I remember the Killer Bee scare of my childhood, in which murderous insects from South America were heading north at the rate of 300 miles per year. They were supposed to kill everyone in California by, like, "the year 2000." That did not occur, but the warnings did inspire a song by a capella group The Bobs and a recurring SNL skit that most people probably don’t realize was called "Killer Bees." There is an animated GIF at Wikipedia which, viewed without reading the article and informed solely by residual 1970s hysteria, is fairly terrifying. However, the article, as with many wildlife articles, is obtuse enough to bore the reader long before it gets around to how we’re all going to die from bee attack, which it never does because, apparently, we’re not. Apparently the killer bees are not coming to bring fear and terror to our land.

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