Future WANT: Olympus Micro Four Thirds Camera


One of my biggest irritations about gadget blogs and things like CES is that they always write about and show you all these cool phones and cameras and gadgets, but the golram gadgets don’t even exist yet, or might be out sometime in 2012, are a designer one-off, or are so expensive I feel stupid for even reading about them. I get all angry and green and then grrr, argh, someone gets hurt. Usually me, because my head is softer than the Cinema Display.
But — Engadget’s got me on this one. It looks like sometime in the not-too-distant future (not quite Serenity time frame), a couple of Olympus Micro Four Thirds cameras are going to be released. And they’re going to look as sexy as the above photo I stole from Engadget (who has the details). It may possibly even look this fucking sexy/cool. The thing about them that’s really making me go goo and gaahh is the changeable lenses (I am a wide-angle ho), and the micro four-thirds format ditches the internal mirror and prism while maintaining a DSLR-sized sensor. Meaning, it’s near a super-fancy expensive big camera in quality, but will fit in my purse and not be all big-lens, paparazzi-like intimidating.

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