New Ars Electronica Centre With LED Facade

Image of the new Ars Electronica Center by magrolino.

A couple weeks ago, the new Ars Electronica center in Linz, Austra opened with a jaw-dropping display of synchronized LED — well, the LED version of fireworks.

It looked incredible; click through here if you want to see the high-res version of the above test (demo) video. The Luminapolis-Luminale Blog tells us,

The Ars Electronica Center’s exhibition that debuts on January 2, 2009 is focusing on fields in which the most massive and controversial innovative thrust is now in the process of emerging: the so-called life sciences—biotech, genetic engineering and neuroscience, as well as imaging procedures that enable us to blaze trails into unexplored realms of the microsphere and macrosphere. The Ars Electronica Center (architecture: Andreas Treusch) is spotlighting “New Images of Humankind.” Simultaneously atelier and lab, the new facility attests to the affinity between art and science, and to our timeless fascination with our own kind.
The LED Medienfassade was planned and designed by Multivision (Marchtrenk). (more,

There is a stunning set of photos from the opening here, which includes the art installations and close-ups of the LED’s in glass. Here’s an even more stunning, although short video of the LED-embedded in-glass spectacle:

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