Slate Officially Declares Bacon “Over”

In this video, Slate gives a mini-history of the bacon meme, explaining what most of us knew by 2005 that “once something hits the NYT, it’s long since jumped the shark.” The video is a quick, fun examination of baconmemitry. However, Slate may have also “Grey Ladied” themselves in the process. They cite the bacon meme as a 2008 phenom — which makes sense if you only use big mutant-corporate media blogs for your data sampling. But, for example, it was 2007 when us proletariat bloggers got our peepers on the infamous, it’s-over-now bacon bra.
Not that bacon will ever be over. Or that I don’t like the people I’ve met from Slate. It’s just a matter of knowing how to source your memes.

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