Cats in Hats at the Algonquin, New York

We can only imagine the hell which hath no fury like the cats who were dressed up like Raggedy Ann, Carmen Miranda, Elvis and more humiliating acts of “cat fashion” than were previously imaginable — someone had their closet full of YSL and Manolos pissed and shredded in somewhere in New York last night. This much is certain.

In a bizarre yet hilarious and perverse ritual, the New York Algonquin Hotel had a 15th birthday party / cat “fashion show” for their famous resident kitteh, Matilda (gallery link). Possibly because Matilda delights in nonconsensual pedigree humiliation, fancy cats were dressed in fancy pants for the occasion. Our advice: don’t try this at home, unless you didn’t need that extra quart of blood.

Gothamist has the hyooge gallery from the fashion show. In case you need it.

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