FEMA’s Craig Fugate Also Prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse

FEMA's Craig Fugate Zombie Survival

As unintentionally revealed in this Washington Post photo, FEMA guests in Director Craig Fugate's office can browse his copy of The Zombie Survival Guide.

Thursday August 26, The Washington Post ran an interview with FEMA’s Craig Fugate about the 5-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. The interview was accompanied by a photo of Fugate in his office, with a caption explaining that Fugate “keeps his FEMA office sparse with Florida Gator mementos.” Perhaps no one except Techyum reader jeffmc happened to take a close look at the photo and notice a very interesting detail in the sparseness of the FEMA director’s office: a handy copy of the guidebook, THE ZOMBIE SURVIVAL GUIDE: COMPLETE PROTECTION FROM THE LIVING DEAD.

Zombie Survival Guide book coverI only regret that the WaPo article was answering reader questions, and no one had an opportunity to ask about just what kind of disaster Fugate is expecting next. Considering that the last director of FEMA, aka Brownie, would have a difficult time saving room for dessert, let alone save lives in the event of a disaster, this is oddly reassuring. Should America become besieged with an undead hoarde, we know at least one guy at the top has put serious thought into how to disseminate information to citizens on the proper way to smash a zombie skull. Or perhaps the title of the book is itself a revealing factor; maybe Fugate knows something we don’t. In any case, we know that when the eventuality of humanity’s battle with flesh-eating zombies comes to pass, one man has a plan.

(thanks, jeffmc!)

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  3. I’ve got that beat!

    In 2008, the Santa Fe Reporter gathered together the best minds in emergency preparedness in New Mexico to craft a zombie apocalypse scenario and how local government would confront it.

    Tim Manning, now FEMA’s Deputy Administrator for Protection and National Preparedness, was one of the participants and a star in the resulting zombie yarn.


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