Minnesota Congressional Campaign Conjures the Spirit of 1999

The campaign of Democrat Tarryl Clark, challenging Republican Michelle Bachmann for Minnesota’s 6th Congressional seat, has married the interactive brilliance of Barack Obama Is Your New Bicycle and the modular philosophies of the Goth Quote Generator with the incisive social commentary of Tina the Troubled Teen.

Tempting voters with Facebook ads, the campaign has oh-so-cleverly acquired the rights to a still image of “Jim the Election Guy,” the paid actor who stands there and accuses Tarryl of loving taxes in the now-Internet-famous Michelle Bachmann attack ad from which the above still is taken. (Either that, or they just screencapped that shit and figured no one would sue them).

See how it’s done? Plug in some random dadaist phrases and voila! Let the Web 2.0 political hilarity begin!

Just enter your info, and Jim the Election guy says something bad about you. I swear — first I peed myself laughing, and then I thought long and hard about whether Washington is really working for us or not. See if you have the same experience:

You folks remember The Honorable Michelle Bachmann, don’t you? Page through your Wing Nut files and you’ll find her marked “CUCKOO!!!!!!” right between Erich Von Daniken and Anne Heche. Bachmann is the Congressional Representative who evoked the ghost of Joe McCarthy by calling for the investigation of members of Congress to see if they were anti-American. She actually started the whole “Obama Death Panel” meme before Sarah Palin hopped on board. She suggested that AmeriCorps amounted to political-correctness “re-education camps” for young people. She also doesn’t go to debates, apparently. She’s a peach.

You pretty much get the gist of the original Bachmann ad from the screencap at the top of this post. But if you’re a glutton for punishment, it’s somewhat amusing to watch, if only for its goofiness.

Now don’t you feel like the promise of technology has intelligentized the political discourse?

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