“A Girl And A Gun” Doc on Women and Guns in America: Kickstarter Page Offers Cool Prizes

Girls and guns, what’s not to love? Okay I know that firearms are not for everyone, and that our British friends get squeamish around such rough talk and brutish weaponry. But before you drop your crumpet into your tea and complain about how you think you gained a stone watching bittorent copies of COPS! I invite you to join me in exploring the fascinating world of us crazy American girls and our weapons of choice: firearms.

Last week I was interviewed for a few hours on camera by Cathryne Czubek, director of upcoming documentary A Girl And A Gun. Czubek is wrapping up with a few final interviews and has amassed a hell of a collection of scenes from the lives of every kind of female gun owner imaginable. While we chatted, I asked her about the anti-government cult she spent time with in Maine and the armed women there; all the way to querying her about the very young girls she went shooting with in the South. I told her about my personal history with guns; in an urban city setting I have some crazy stories, though she was most intrigued that unlike most women she’d interviewed who had their introduction to guns from brothers, fathers, boyfriends or husbands — it was my mother who introduced me to the world of guns.

It’s going to be a really fascinating and important documentary, especially in our Sarah Palin times. Czubek put up a Kickstarter page to raise funds to complete the doc, and it’s got support from female filmmaking foundations — but it does need some help. Spread the word.

A Girl And A Gun Kickstarter Page (Really cool prizes for donating!)
Facebook: A Girl And A Gun

A Girl and a Gun Documentary

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