Liquor Up Your Peeps!

This past week, my old schoolmate David Solmonson, who now writes the blog 12 Bottle Bar wrote up a hilarious and fun feature on how to make liquor-infused Peeps:

While some may choose to debate the Christian versus pagan symbolism and circumstance surrounding the Easter holiday, we at 12 Bottle Bar instead turn our sights on that most eternal of vernal demagogues:  the PEEP®.  Whether you are in the love-em or hate-em camp when it comes to PEEPS®, we’re certain that you’ll appreciate the question that begat today’s Easter post:  Could we booze “peeps” up? The answer proved to be simple, yet eloquent:  Hell, yeah.

The rules, which present an opportunity for drama, pathos and excursions into science and human history, are as follows:

  • The “peeps” had to use a real cocktail as their base liquid, and one which tasted good.
  • They had to have appropriate “peep” shapes, colors, and consistency.


The real opportunity, of course, is not just the kitchen-chemistry-set goodness of liquoring up your peeps, but also the amusing detour into the too-little-studied field of Peep History, which I didn’t even know was a subject (it is), and Peep Science, which (especially if you read the comments) turns out to be a mildly complex science, and pretty fascinating.

Best of all, you can follow David’s instructions and end up with some tasty drunken Peeps of your own, if you dare — just in time for Easter!

For some time, I’ve admired David’s writing at 12 Bottle Bar — and not just because the guy used to give me rides on his red Honda Scooter and loaned me a skinny pink tie for my very first date. Those two things help, sure. But I also admire the blog because the site combines three of favorite things: liquor, thrift and LOLZ.

The site takes as its premise that interesting cocktails can be created by everyone — not just professional bartenders, and not just those who can afford a huge well-stocked bar of expensive liquors, liqueurs and mixers at home. Limiting itself to just 12 bottles at a time (the ingredients rotate as they get used up), 12 Bottle Bar presents a variety of interesting drinks along with pieces of fascinating alcoholic and gustatory history, all poured out with an irreverent yet friendly tone. It’s always a fun read and involves enough illuminating backstory to keep history nerds fascinated even if you prefer your whiskey neat.

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  1. Hey, Thomas — big thanks for the write-up. That was way too kind of you — unless you got lucky because of that pink tie, then your gratitude has been too long in the coming.

    Tonight, I got to thinking, if I have boozy marshmallow, why the hell don’t I have boozy rice crispy treats. Off to the next adventure…

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