Britain’s Outgoing Top Doc Talks Drug Legalization

Image by Armin Kübelbeck.

The outgoing head of the UK’s Royal College of Physicians, Professor Sir Ian Gilmore, told 25,000 RCP Members in an email that he favors drug legalization.

Sir Ian formed this opinion based on his work as a liver specialist, where he saw problems like Hepatitis C caused by dirty needles, and related problems caused by adulterated drugs. “Everyone who has looked at this in a serious and sustained way concludes that the present policy of prohibition is not a success,” said Sir Ian.

What this means is, yes, Sir Ian is talking not about legalizing pot, which seems to be happening in the United States whether the squares like it or not, man, even while almost 100 people get pinched for weed every hour.

But I digress: Sir Ian is talking indeed about legalizing not just cannabis but heroin and cocaine. Some legalization advocates in the UK actually favor making heroin and cocaine available through the National Health Service, including clean hypodermics that would prevent the spread of HIV and Hepatitis C.

Sir Ian referenced comments by the Chairman of the UK Bar Council, Nicholas Green, QC, who recently advocated legalization of hard drugs. For the uninitiated, Green is the UK’s top lawyer, which those wacky Brits insist on calling a “barrister.”

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