DeviantArt Introduces Muro: Free HTML5 Drawing Tool

For DeviantArt‘s birthday (they turned 10 years old a few days ago), they launched Muro — a simple, free, very cool HTML5 drawing tool. It’s a community-focused drawing interface that’s surprisingly intuitive, and both Basic and Pro versions are free. Muro saves the artwork to DeviantArt user profiles and enables sharing, but I’m intrigued to see that they’re also making Muro into an “exquisite corpse” style tool: artists can collaborate with other artists or groups.

I’m not a DeviantArt member, but I’m enjoying Muro. It’s one of the easiest drawing tools I’ve used and the file exports from the Muro site (as .png). Hours of fun, and the results look so clean it’s fooled me into thinking I can make art. Neat.

Image made with Muro by DeviantArt member Len-Yan from the Muro gallery.

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