Fetish Camera: Re-Release of Retro Diana

Update: Commenter Dan just alerted me to the fact that the link and the ‘via’ in this post have both been deleted from their originating sites. Very strange, especially since it was an Unica “editor’s pick”. But fret not Diana fans, I dug around and found this article, eventually leading to the official order page for the (currently backordered) Diana re-release. Aaaand, this lovely, detailed About the Diana page (@ Lomo).
Hold on because it — gasp — is not digital. I know. What do you do with a non-digital camera? I’m not sure anymore, but I’d love to find out with this sexy looking retro re-release from Lomo, the Diana, about to make an art school comeback after 25 years. Snip:

originally produced by the great wall plastic factory in hong kong in the 1960’s the diana has become a cult classic, known for producing soft and dreamy images due to light leakage. given away by reader’s digest as a freebie, the diana has been out of production for almost 35 years. a light, inexpensive medium (120 film) format camera, the ‘new’ diana has 4 f-stops and comes with a booklet, camera strap and lens cover. an additional change is that the camera has a removable lens, allowing for pinhole camera action!
available in october, 2007. now accepting advance orders.

Link (via).

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  1. The Diana was very cool, but when I click on “Link” in the post, I get a page saying, “Sorry, product not found” — and when I click on “via” I get an error message saying “URL not found”. Maybe a hoax? Which would be sad for those of us who love the Diana.

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