Lest We Forget: Remembering 1/31/07

Image at Boston University last night, via pt.
It was exactly a year ago today when the Aqua Teen Hunger Force marketing team from Catroon Network’s Adult Swim caused a panic in the streets of Boston (and later, a few other US cities) with their infamous LED “Mooninite Marauders”. The lit, bird-flipping signs were placed all over in high — yet viewable — spots, and were of course mistaken by police to be bombs or terrorist devices, causing panic and shutdown in many parts of the city (that link has complete coverage, plus video).
Today is the year anniversary, and as you can see by the above image from Flickr, people in Boston are re-creating the event in a wonderful pranky memorial. Early in the month, kits to make your own were being sold by Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories so this isn’t a total surprise, but it’ll be fun to see how tonight plays out.
Make Blog has this great post about how the “memorial” is unfolding today, and a terrific commemorative post that — you guessed it — has a lot of DIY in it.
Three Mooninite Marauders were found here last year in San Francisco; images of the now ultra-collectibles (and their adorable rescuers) are here, I’ve got video here, and we’ve got this great GETV episode, Holy Blinky Devices of Terror!

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