The Spam Shredder

No, it’s not some kind of Hawaiian shawarma or, like, some mail program that really kicks ass (read: shreds) on the filters — it’s an art installation activated by spam emails. Ah, another creative use for those fuckers! We Make Money Not Art has the 411 (including video), and tells us:

This email address -or spamtrap- is never used for any communication, it is posted on websites and online bulletin boards that cause it to be harvested by spambots and then to start receiving spam. The spam filter is then adjusted to look for characteristics found in those confirmed spam messages when filtering out spam for Shackelford’s personal email account.
When a new spam email is detected by the (not very eco-friendly*) installation, it automatically prints it out. The printed email slides down a track into the shredder that analyzes it.

Spamtrap (

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