Emo: Get Help Before It’s Too late

Just spotted over at JWZ, I Must Be Emo – News Report — a serious Grand Fork, North Dakota local news story profiling the horrifically frightening dangers of emo. It’s a meme, just sit back and enjoy it: Spin has a wee feature about the dangers of having a cute Kevin Rose haircut (oh the delicious irony), snip:

According to a report by WDAZ News 8 of Grand Fork, ND, city inhabitants are growing increasingly worried about their youth’s “very dangerous” emo behaviors. What the newscaster explains as a fashion and music movement “turned deadly,” Brandon Maygra of the Eddy County Sheriff’s Department further elaborates and er, clears the smoke about “emo or emotional” kids by stating they don “black hair covering one eye to see the world in a half view.” Furthermore, Maygra states emo kids vie for popularity via the ‘Emo-Scale’ that delivers status through “the more cuts, the more pills, and the more they talk about suicide.”


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