Luminetx VeinViewer

I don’t know why I need one of these, but I do — would I be able to I see all the veins, everywhere? What kind of discomforting vampiric vein-peeping can I subject Hacker Boy to? Does this mean I’m really a vampire?
The Luminetx VeinViewer was created to reduce phelbotomists’ sticking you with needles like a human voodoo doll while they try to tap a vein; according to the product page, it images the vasculature beneath the skin’s surface for easier poking. Snip:

The light source emits a harmless, near-infrared light reflected back to the surface from the tissue surrounding the vein, while no light is reflected back from the blood inside the vessel. The digital video camera captures the near-infrared light reflected back from the patient. Image processing unit – The microprocessor adds contrast and projects this image back on the skin in their actual location. Using Texas Instruments Digital Light Processing™ technology, the projector displays these real-time images of the vasculature onto the surface of the skin.

Link; be sure to see all the kewl images and videos. (, via Shiny Shiny)

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