Projection Technology at NYC Bloomingdales

Now upper crust clothes horses can have an even more unrealistic idea about what that fugly dress will look like on — when they visit Bloomie’s in NYC to test out designer Nanette Lepore‘s freshly-installed three-part, high-resolution digital screens that project fashions over the reflected image of customers who are too impatient, high or weakened by Botox-atrophied muscles and their Daisani-and-tissues diet to actually take their own clothes off. Josh Spear continues, “The resulting image is then forwarded to a special webpage, where logged-in friends can post their opinions about the ensemble. Lepore plans to install these mirrors in her New York, Tokyo and Las Vegas boutiques, apparently in hopes that her shoppers will utilize this new technology to further develop their dependent personalities.” w3rd.
Vitrual Mirrors (video,, via Josh Spear)

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