Steampunk Tribal Body Armor

Now I’ve decided that the word ‘steampunk’ is wonderful and plan to misuse it accordingly. Not that there’s anything vaguely Jules Verne, neo-Victorian, steam-powered or clock-gear-reminiscent about the body-pierced tribal body armor art I just found in a slideshow at Skin Factory — but it’s just cyberpunk-comes-true enough to almost fit, don’t you think? The body art is astounding, but the slideshows are so tedious and hard to watch (they’re like ten million blog years long) that I capped three faves from slideshow #2: the other two images are after the jump and one is NSFW. Yes, those are lovely pieces of (machined?) metal bolted onto her back by way of body piercings. It sure looks like it’s a tribute to this image by fantasy sci-fi artist Luis Royo.


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