Techyum Press!

This is Techyum — a variety blog featuring news, tech, shiny things and general yumminess, and I’m giddy with glee to see the first round of praise, props and friendly linkage get started! I’ve done little to launch Techyum other than tell friends and put a few posts about it on Tiny Nibbles last week, so this is a great start.
Scott Beale makes Techyum feel like a debutante in Violet Blue Launches Techyum when he writes, “Keep an eye on this one. Violet has big plans for this blog and knowing her, this will be one to watch.”
Axis & Alignment posts, “Speaking of new journalism, another new blog, techyum, was recently launched. The site covers news, technology, science and other oddities. It’s manned by the San Francisco Chronicle sex columnist, Violet Blue. She is a really good writer and has a keen eye for the quirky and fascinating.”

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