The World’s Most Corrupt Countries: Forbes

Everyone I mentioned this incredible piece to asked, “where’s the US?” But after I peeped Forbes’ stunning slideshow, painstakingly put-together list compiled from watchdog group Transparency International, and subsequent list of the world’s most corrupt countries, I saw that Iraq was #3 and realized my country was well represented in da house. Snip:

Corruption in nearly half the world’s nations is not getting much better and, indeed, in many countries is intensifying–affecting virtually every aspect of life among peoples on every continent.
While a year ago, some 72 out of 158 nations surveyed by the international watchdog group Transparency International were classified as “corrupt,” now 74 of 163 countries fall into the same category. A few, most notably India, managed to bootstrap themselves (just barely) out of the truly corrupt group, while others, particularly Iran, dug themselves more firmly into that camp.
TI has developed an index from 0 to 10 comprised of surveys of specialists, opinion leaders, business officials and human rights monitors who live, work or travel extensively in each of the countries ranked. The higher the score, the less corrupt the country. Tied for No. 1 this year, with a CPI “score” of 9.6 are Finland, Iceland and New Zealand. At the bottom, with a score of 1.8 is Haiti.

Wow — Haiti is a winner! Watch their slideshow for the full list. Image: #20, Kenya.

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One comment on “The World’s Most Corrupt Countries: Forbes
  1. For people stuck in the three-dimensional warp of time, space and motion, corruption refers to what they see, feel, hear, taste and smell. Such people would rank third-world countries as the most corrupt. But looking at things from the deepest levels of reality, a ten-dimensional world where 99% of the Universe is less than the size of an atom, you will find that the curruption is the greatest in the Western world, with the United States being the undisputed leader. This is done by tying the entire world to its legal tender that is a fiat currency based on the fractionally reserved Central Banking ponzi, whose leverage is used time and again to steal trillions in ‘real purchasing power’ from people all over the world including its own citizens. The US Dollar has lost 96% of its purchasing power from 1913; that purchasing power has not disappeared, its been stolen and transferred into the hands of people who’ve not worked to earn it. It is the reduction of the value of the Reserve Currency of the world, that is the greatest threat to humanity right now, in that World Wars can be started if this situation out of control. But Americans of the 21st century don’t seem to understand this or even other pressing problems, coz their vision is clouded by their 5 senses, and have descended into a society obsessed with being lazy and hedonistic. For America right now, pleasure comes first and purpose the last, and hence they will always be behind the curve in terms of major world developments of the 21st century. Before an empire collapses, people blame nations outside the empire as being rotten, but only after an empire collapses, do people grasp the enormity of the corruption that did it in. Historians talk of the corruption that led to the fall of the major empires like Egypt, Babylon and Rome, but the corruption of other smaller nations [much like today’s 3rd world nations] in those periods are a non-event. The world will understand very lately, that the Western world’s reduction to a community of pleasure seekers, was the main cause for its descendance. Unfortunately, majority of humans do not learn anything from history and they repeat the same mistakes again and again.

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