Another Onion-Like Headline About… Internal Decapitation!

Speaks for itself — but still, omg I had no idea this was even possible… It’s just so bizarre to me that she is not paralyzed. Snip:

Woman Upbeat After Internal Decapitation
(05-23) 14:36 PDT Lincoln, Neb. (AP) —
Most days are good, some not for a woman who is recovering from what has been called “internal decapitation.” Shannon Malloy suffered “atlantooccipital dislocation” — that’s what doctors call it. The force of her head hitting a car dashboard separated her skull from her spine.
Though rare, it’s more common in children and is usually found during autopsies.
Speaking from her mother’s home in Denver, Malloy, 30, said she remembers no pain from the crash near Tecumseh in southeast Nebraska on Jan. 25.
“I remember being slumped over and not being able to respond,” she said.
She was a passenger in the car. She would not provide details of the accident, she said, because she’s suing an insurer.


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