This Week In Natural Disasters (on Flickr)

Griffith Park, LA, CA fire via Lienna Jael.
Missouri Valley 2007 flood image by Fiddelke.
Greensburg, Kansas tornado image by Hope City.
It’s been an elemental trifecta of disaster: fire, water and air, all covered nicely by citizen media online.
* Fire (Griffith Park, Los Angeles, CA) on Flickr. Also excellently done at Metblogs LA, Laughing Squid, and a follow-up on Boing Boing.
* Flood (burst levees along the Missouri River) on Flickr.
* Twister (Greensburg, Kansas) on Flickr.

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  1. Fire, Air and Water… you know what comes next right? And you know who’s sitting on top of a lot of earth that likes to shake, right? This sounds like a good time for vacation. Somewhere safe :)

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