Another Fun Google Timesuck, I Mean Tool

Everyone’s blogging about the new Google Street Views (and yes, I actually spent a few minutes cruising Capp Street and Polk for sex workers, cuz it’s fun), and Laughing Squid got the great SF Easter egg, local cult street-celeb Frank Chu. And like Twittervision, Streetviewr is an amusing user mashup (seemingly in immediate response to the launch) where people submit weird things they see in SF via the Views. Boing Boing has all the privacy concerns you can fit on a blog. It’s not new but it’s neat: Google’s facial recognition in their image search function. As Geeksugar explains, all we have to do is first do a Google Image search for a person, then add &imgtype=face to the end of the URL. Helpful for finding faces, not facials, alas.

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One comment on “Another Fun Google Timesuck, I Mean Tool
  1. The privacy issue is an interesting debate. Even though we legally do not, there is a certain expectation of privacy when we are outdoors.
    I wrote a post comparing privacy issues regarding Google Maps and Microsoft Live Search.
    Also the &imgtype=face just finds pictures that contain faces, not a specific face . . . yet.

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