Teddy Bear Robot Army Is REAL

In the Castro, we have bears. But this — I have no smart-ass commentary for. Okay, maybe I do. They made a prototype, and the furries rejoiced. Snip from BBC:

Bear robot rescues wounded troops
The US military is developing a robot with a teddy bear-style head to help carry injured soldiers away from the battlefield.
The Battlefield Extraction Assist Robot (BEAR) can scoop up even the heaviest of casualties and transport them over long distances over rough terrain.
New Scientist magazine reports that the “friendly appearance” of the robot is designed to put the wounded at ease.
It is expected to be ready for testing within five years.
While it is important to get medical attention for injured soldiers as soon as possible, it is often difficult and dangerous for their comrades to reach them and carry them back.
The 6ft tall Bear can cross bumpy ground without toppling thanks to a combination of gyroscopes and computer controlled motors to maintain balance.

Also, definitely check out the Vecna Robotics BEAR project page. Because the bears are our friends, and our only allies in the war against the robotic bees.

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