Pink Tools: Part Four

Okay, I’ll go there. I hate to say, and it’s likely for the opposite reasons they’re marketing to me, but… Muthafuckin’ (and that’s why I quit Google Ads) — I said, muthafuckin’ Ladies Tools Online: Power And Hand Tools For Women And Girls has just the blingy bullshit Pringles-style flashy tools that make me go, “Coo.”. I’ve had oodles of tools break in my hands while using them, usually because they’re made from cheap ‘pot steel’ or are, um, Made in China. I’m sure these may be those. But — the selection of pinkness! Dig 95 Pink Tools, the 108 Piece Pink Toolbag, 87 Pink Tools, 26 Pink Tools. And — shiny!!! Look at the flowers.
Don’t foget the It’s a Girl! 46pc Tool Set (for when she leaves home) and the boy version, Its a Boy! 46pc Tool Set. Ahhhh. Sigh.

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One comment on “Pink Tools: Part Four
  1. I had the flower 8 in 1 screw driver. I called it “my you no steal ’em” because no one would. It was great… my wife stole it.

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