Tattoos Meet Disappearing Ink

Would you get a tattoo with removable ink? I’ll admit to having one tattoo I wished I’d done that with, but the cover-up job I got is so beautiful, no one even knows I once had a name etched into my skin. But this fall, removable tattoo ink will become commercially available. Wait — removable ink? Read on:

A new dye due to hit tattoo parlors this fall will provide an exit strategy of sorts for people who have thought about getting a tattoo, then wondered if they might someday have regrets.
The permanent but removable ink is made by storing dye in microscopic capsules that will stay in the skin for good. But if that butterfly tattoo on the small of your back starts looking lame, it can be zapped away with a single laser treatment that is simpler and less painful than the barrage of treatments now needed.
While the idea might intrigue some — for example, the 36 percent of Americans ages 18 to 29 who get tattoos, according to a 2006 study by the Journal of American Academy of Dermatology — some enthusiasts say getting inked without the lifetime commitment wouldn’t be appealing. Those in the industry are also skeptical, especially since the company making the dye says it will cost considerably more than a regular tattoo.

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2 comments on “Tattoos Meet Disappearing Ink
  1. Doesn’t really make sense. If you’re getting a tattoo that you’re not sure you’ll want later, why are you getting the tattoo? Part of the appeal of body mod is the permanency of it.
    I’m curious to see if the ink behaves the same and looks as good as regular ink. And it’ll be interesting to see what marketplace starts carrying this. My gut tells me that most tattoo artists are just going to shun this as they’d tell anyone that requests it to think about the tattoo and come back when they’re sure they want it.

  2. I first read about this in New Scientist and have been waiting for it all my life!
    I have a lot of friends that have tattoos and most of them have the same prejudice about this kind of removable tattoo. Why? I think this is a very narrow minded view. Why should you have to have something forever?
    I often have an outfit and think It’d look great with a tattoo just there but would look rubbish when wearing something else. I want to change my tattoo as often as my clothes! (OK, maybe not that often)
    I’ve worn tattoo style transfers before and people say is that a fake tattoo? I’ve always said No, it’s a real transfer. People are so set in there ways and narrow minded about everything. It seems that if it doesn’t contain some amount of stupidity then it isn’t sexy! Hedy Lamarr one said ‘Any girl can look glamorous, just stand still and look stupid!’
    It seems that even people that one would think would be open minded about these things (like tattoo wearers) are just as closed! I recently started Laptop DJing and ditched my 1210’s and all my mates looked down on it saying ‘it’s not the same though is it?’ No! It’s different! things change giving people more choice and making life easier!
    I have a many gay friends that are always saying how closed minded other people are towards their sexuality then say they don’t think people should be bisexual because they should make a choice!!!! WHY! Jeez, can people actually hear what they are saying!
    I could go on for ever about this but I welcome removable tattoos and any other technology that gives us more choice. And I think it would be a much better world if people could embrace rather than reject the new and exciting.
    Where can I get one in UK?
    Rant over

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