Wrecking Ball Breaks Free, Seeks Own Kind

This is just a fun one, snip:

Meadville police said the episode began around 9:45 a.m. about 3,600 feet away, near Allegheny College’s Pelletier Library, where a crane was demolishing part of the building. That’s where the cable holding the 3-foot-diameter wrecking ball snapped, starting its downhill tumble from the college to the town.
Police said crane operator Robby L. Boring, 28, of Meadville, was injured when he tried to stop the wrecking ball by throwing bricks in front of it.
As it gained momentum, the wrecking ball rumbled from the campus along North Main Street, pinballing back and forth across the street, hitting nine parked cars and damaging curbs with each impact.
By the time it reached Mr. Habay’s car at North Main and Randolph streets, it had gained enough momentum to crush the trunk into the back seat, showering Mr. Habay with glass and pushing his car into the two cars in front of him. The fourth car in line was a Meadville police cruiser.
(…) He hadn’t thought much about it before, but he’d been carrying eight soccer balls in the back seat of his car for a while. He said a police officer told him the balls likely lessened the impact of the wrecking ball, saving him from more severe injuries.


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  1. You would think that they would use something safer to remove a building, like they did on 9/11

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