About That NBC Reporter At DEFCON

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She looks cranky! It’s being covered on a few other blogs, but I think the most succinct explanation is over at Ars Technica. I’ve been in hacker circles for a while, a blogger for a long time, and now I write for MSM, and I see how stupid MSM can be about the other worlds I travel in — namely by having these smug, non-tech-embedded people visit like tourists and expect that their perceived air of MSM authority will carry them through exploiting other cultures. This pretty much takes the cake, though. More, please. Snip (oh, and video):

Tip to aspiring undercover reporters: when you’re given four chances to sign up as press, you’re not really undercover anymore. Cut your losses and stop pretending already.
In a developing story that only keeps getting richer, an undercover reporter for Dateline NBC was outed Friday and embarrassed in front of hundreds of attendees at this year’s DEFCON in Las Vegas.
As an associate producer of Dateline, Michelle Madigan tried to attend this year’s DEFCON undercover, registering as a programmer and coming to the conference with a hidden camera set up in a shoulder bag. One small problem: she was never really undercover. From the moment Madigan got to the show, word was out among its organizers that she was a member of the press, and that she knowingly intended to violate the rules prohibiting media from photographing or videotaping without approval.
Displeased with her intent, the organizers decided to give her several chances to get a legitimate press pass, the final chance coming after outing her in front of convention attendees in a mock-game of “spot the undercover reporter” (caught on video). Madigan fled, much to the delight of attendees who followed her out to the parking lot, mocking her along the way.

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