Beyond the Groovy Age of Horror

Much of the coffee sprayed out my nose recently has been as a result of The Groovy Age of Horror, which has brightened my life with some hillarious distillations of some bizarre Italian horror-sex comix like Il Computer di Carne (“The Computer of Sex”), Il Laido Fantasma (“The Dirty Ghost”) and Pazzia Elettronica (“Electronic Madness”).
Having spent many posts in the last few months on vintage crime fiction from the likes of Charles Runyon, David Goodis and Australian sleazemaster Carter Brown, Groovy’s Curt Purcell has announced the launch of “Beyond the Groovy Age of Horror,” in which he’ll no longer concentrate his attentions on vintage horror comix; instead he’ll focus on whatever he feels like reading — pulp noir seemingly on the top of this list. I’m therefore not complaining, even though it’ll be hard to make it through the week without my fix of Italian comic book dames getting possessed by Satan and giving rimjobs to rodents. Sometimes sacrifices must be made.
Image from Il Computer di Carne via Groovy Age.

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  1. Oh don’t worry–Jaakko is the contributor to whom I’ve turned over the Italian horror-sex comics chores, and I expect he’ll keep it up. The vintage crime stuff is my own personal thing. A couple of other contributors have joined me on that, but I don’t require it of any of them. You should still get your weekly fumetti fix; I’m simply no longer limiting the blog to a particular period and genre.

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