New Techyum Henchman: Thomas Roche

jailbanner4In case you haven’t noticed, but we’ve got a new bloggy bagman in town, and it’s none other than Thomas “Tommy Gun” Roche. He’s a great writer, a prolific blogger and a bad egg from the wrong side of the Ethernet cables. His whole bio is on the About Techyum page.
I’m not done adding to the cabal, but I’ll restate the idea here: “Techyum is a labor of love, enthusiasm, fierceness and the desperate need to quell our collective anger at the internet for not entertaining us enough. No one makes money here, there are no post quotas, we answer to no one. It’s work that feels good. I may be head supervillaness around the lair, but as long as everyone credits sources, respects the reader, never mistakes “mean” for “funny”, has good blogging ethics and hates all the same people I do (joke, sorta) — we can be tech-loving assholes with bad table manners at the 2.0 bourgeois banquet.”

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