Techyum Legion Of Supervillans Grows

I’m excited to see Techyum at over 300 posts, with lots of breaking stories past and present, and plenty of shiny things not found all over the usual suspects of Blogistan. Now, like some kind of Frankenblog juiced up with power and ready to escape the lab, I’m rolling in a nest of ethernet cables in unbridled glee to announce that you’ll be seeing a few new bloggers around here posting the shiny, the techy, the yummy and other assorted nerdy obsessions. In the past week, we’ve seen the first posts from Praemedia (tag = lance) — “lifelong recovering goth, noisemaker, digital dilettante and organizer of events of unusual volume for the San Francisco Electronic Music FestivalHis whole bio is on the About Techyum page.
In other giddy Techyum news, I’m about to finalize adding another blogger to Techyum’s secret fortress of doom: a very exciting person with over a quarter century of mainstream media experience (wow). After that, I might want to add one or two more blognerds, just to keep us all excited and entertained.
Techyum is a labor of love, enthusiasm, fierceness and the desperate need to quell our collective anger at the internet for not entertaining us enough. I killed the ads because keywords are inevitably insulting, and rather than spend my time figuring out how to monetize, I’d rather be blogging. It’s that simple. No one makes money here, there are no post quotas, we answer to no one. It’s work that feels good. I may be head supervillaness around the lair, but as long as everyone credits sources, respects the reader, never mistakes “mean” for “funny”, has good blogging ethics and hates all the same people I do (joke, sorta) — we can be tech-loving assholes with bad table manners at the 2.0 bourgeois banquet.
Also, we’ll be moving to WordPress soon, so you’ll see more action in the sidebars and better UI. w00t!

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