World’s Biggest Diamond? Maybe.

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A variety of outlets are reporting on the hyooge diamond find in South Africa, supposedly a stone that’s around 7000 carats (that’s a little over 3 lbs.) — the above grainy image is (allegedly) the only pic of it right now, taken of the rock next to a cell phone before the find was rushed to a vault in Johannesburg. Guardian UK tells us that the small company that found the stone is unnamed at this point (and their article about big diamonds is really interesting), but another article claims the company’s spokesman has a shady past and Mining Weekly is more than skeptical. I love diamond intrigue, crime, and mystery — it never ends. Here’s Guardian snip:

The world’s biggest diamond, believed to be twice the size of the Cullinan, has been discovered in the North-West Province of South Africa. The find has electrified the diamond community, but the circumstances of the discovery are shrouded in mystery.
The diamond is expected to attract furious bidding from buyers worldwide and could fetch up to £15m.
A spokesman for the mining house which made yesterday’s find, Brett Joli, said the diamond was being rushed to a bank vault in Johannesburg and would be kept there for a couple of days “until we calm down and decide what we are going to do”. A security company was being hired to protect the precious stone.
The mining company which made the find has not been identified.


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