Zombie Phizer Computers Spewing Spam

This post over at Wired news about Phizer computers unknowingly infected with malware and used as zombies reminds me of this post about what Jonathan Moore found with web crawlers (spiders) at Tailrank (massive spamming, unknown to the hosts, which is still ongoing). Just sayin’. Snip:

Computers inside pharmaceutical giant Pfizer’s network are spamming the internet with e-mails touting the company’s flagship erectile-enhancement drug Viagra, along with ads for knockoff Rolexes and shady junk stocks.
But the e-mails are not part of Pfizer’s official marketing efforts.
Pfizer’s computers appear to have been infected with malware that has transformed them into zombie computers sending spam at the behest of a hacker. Oddly enough, they are spamming the public’s inboxes with ads for the company’s own product.
“There is a disaster inside this company, and they don’t know it,” says Rick Wesson, CEO of Support Intelligence — a small San Francisco-based security company that alerted Wired News to the problem.


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