Right Brain or Left, Darling?

It’s a test; and for me — I saw both and wasn’t sure what I was seeing, until I read the text which ruined it and I only saw one. Until I concentrated on a certain body part. Any guess as to which part?

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4 comments on “Right Brain or Left, Darling?
  1. The perky nipples are rather striking aren’t they…
    You don’t say, which direction was it going for you after you read the text?
    Clockwise for me. Very pronounced, don’t see the anti-clockwise one at all. Get some odd split effects if I concentrate really hard but it’s just an odd shadowing effect at the feet rather than a multi-image or counter-clockwise image.

  2. I thought it was totally obvious, why even ask the question? Heh heh, I think I was concentrating on that same body part.
    Oh, I’m right-brained. Left-handed. Gemini. Fire Horse. You could say that I’m confused (or maybe multi-faceted). :)

  3. At first I saw her spinning clockwise and couldn’t make her change for the life of me. Then I figured if left brainers see her going widdershins so use the left brain. I shut my left eye and focused on the shadow of her foot and it was easy from there. Good find!

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