8 Foot Long Scorpion Discovered

In Germany, in a quarry; an ancient find. No wonder there were crazy creatures in myths; the Romans and Greeks may not have been too far off. The LA Times has a *glorious* artist’s rendering, but Guardian UK has good text:

It is enough to give people with arachnophobia a large dose of the heebie-jeebies. Scientists have discovered the fossilised claw of a sea scorpion that suggests the giant scorpions, spiders and crabs that once crawled around the world were even bigger than previously thought.
Found in a German quarry, the claw is 46cm (18ins) long, suggesting the sea scorpion was 2.5m (8ft) long – almost two feet longer that it was previously thought the aquatic creatures grew to. Because land-based scorpions and spiders are believed to have descended from the sea scorpion, scientist believe the discovery means that they also may have been even bigger than had been believed.


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