Perfect Gun For The Zombie Invasion: Glock 21

Who knew a gun could take so much torture? Over at, “Bigbore” of Adco Firearms performed a Glock Torture Test, where he subjected a Glock 21 .45 to every kind of abuse he could think of, never cleaned it, and fired over 150K rounds through it. He documented the entire process, becoming obsessed with making it inoperable, and detailed his findings: the gun never quit. He buried it in mud: “Once it was buried in the mud w/a full mag, and when I dug it out the next day it went bang the first time I pulled the trigger but the weight of all the mud on the slide kept it from cycling. I scraped off most of the mud on my boot and fired the remaining 12 shots without a problem.” He sunk it in sand, he rusted it with rock salt, tied it to his bumper and dragged it a while, ran it over on various surfaces and even dropped it from a plane.
Yes, he even shot it with another gun. See all the photos here (and I hope he re-links the video soon). I know what my next firearm purchase will be…

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5 comments on “Perfect Gun For The Zombie Invasion: Glock 21
  1. Glock 21 is a great firearm, but unless you have chewbacca hands, you might find the grip to be slightly unweildy. Its just shy of huge.
    Other options:
    G21SF – slim frame
    XD .45

  2. Dearest Violet, you seem to be obsessed with guns. I have seen guns on your techyum and tinynibbles sites.
    If you weren’t kidding about a Glock being your next purchase, then congrats! I gave my wife her first handgun, which was a Glock 23, and she loves it.
    A word of advice though, since you live in a city and have neighbors, you want a large slow caliber that wont easily penetrate walls and the .45 ACP might be a good fit for you. It will most certainly take down any stalkers or zombies, or zombie-stalkers even.
    And please, please take a class on pistol safety. If something happened to you, I would be left reading only the Fake Steve Jobs blog, and well, that would just be sad…so sad.
    Since you have educated me on so many things carnal, I hope you don’t take offense to the gentle gun advice.
    Oh, and make sure it feels good in your hand….the gun, that is.

  3. @ Clinton — thanks for the sweet comment! I do indeed love and obsess about guns (I collect a variety of weapons, actually). I already have what I think is the perfect city gun, a .45 S&W that fits perfectly in my small hands. But I want more! I want a Glock now more than ever, and have my eyes on a pretty sweet shotgun, too.

  4. Holy crap, it takes some big round polymer ones to treat a $600 gun like that. Shot it with another gun? Man, that is just MEAN. But after having shot a Thompson and having it jam a quarter, and then again three-quarters of the way through a magazine of 20 rounds, I find this a strong argument for Glocks being everything their gun-nerd proponents claim them to be. Impressive.

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