Webworm Takeover

Science dweeb übersite Ugly Overload features a truly creepy gank from a Swedish page headlined “Dagen då larverna kom till Flogsta,” in which resides this image of a bicycle assimilated by web-building creep-ass worm things.
According to the UO comments and other sources, this tree and its bicycle are the victim of the tentworm or fall webworm, aka Hyphantria cunea, a type of moth which in its larval cycle does in fact spin webs to encompass trees, bikes, buildings, telephone poles and more. Native to North America, the fall webworm was introduced to what was then Yugoslavia in 1940 and can now be found from France to the Caspian Sea; it was also introduced to Japan in 1945. Still not sure how the Swedes got involved, but whatever.

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