Uganda Ebola Outbreak Spreads

ebola.jpgAccording to Google News and other sources, more people have been quarantined in the outbreak of Ebola in Uganda. It’s been seven years since the disease killed 170 people in the northwest of that country and just a few months since September’s outbreak in the nearby Democratic Republic of the Congo, which gave its name both to the Ebola virus itself (after the Ebola River in the DRC) and to the disease’s deadliest strain (E. Zaire, after the DRC’s former name).
This, however, is not Ebola Zaire; the World Health Organization confirmed that this is actually a new species of Ebola, probably to be named Ebola Bundibugyo, for the region where the outbreak is being reported.
Currently 22 people are reported to have died from the Bundibuygo Ebola outbreak; the World Health Organization reported 51 suspected cases on Nov. 30, and 330 people have been isolated.
Link; WHO report from Nov. 30.
Image via Wikipedia.

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