Whiskipedia is Live

I have been a devoted whisky drinker for some time, and have always been kind of horrified at the lack of simple and accessible info about whisky on the web; there are a handful of great blogs but not a good reference source.
Now there is, or (hopefully) will be. A post on The Scotch Blog alerts me to the fact that my prayers have been answered: Whiskipedia is live.
As you might expect, it’s a wiki about whisky, aka whiskey, apparently also aka “whiski,” presided over by Ian Buxton of The Whisky Channel. The bulk of the site, as launched, comes from well-known whisky writer Gavin Smith’s book Whisky: A Book of Words. From my initial and very unmethodical survey, it appears to have some great information about whiskymaking and drinking, but nothing much about individual brands, which is hopefully what the readers will provide. (Manufacturers too, if the warning on the front page is any indication.)
I’ll be checking it out regularly to see how it develops; hopefully this’ll be the whiskey reference I’ve been looking for.
Photo via Wikipedia.

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