Wrong Number Generator

wrongnumber.jpgFrom OhGizmo via the Museum of Hoaxes coms a link to my dream prank… the Wrong Number Generator.
The $89 box has modular plugs (damn… it’s been a while since I saw one of those things) and can be plugged in anywhere on the victim’s landline — like for instance, inside the wall so he or she will never find it. (Serves ’em right for still using a landline!) It makes all calls from that phone line reach wrong numbers unless the mark dials 911, which always goes through. Replacing the telephone won’t do any good since the pranker has cleverly placed the thing inside the wall. Best of all, it allows one-quarter of the calls to go through correctly, encouraging victims to believe that they’ve gone totally insane.
At press time SpySite, sadly, is out of stock on this badboy. The evil muthas out there will have to satisfy themselves with the Disconnected Number Generator or Dead Ring Generator, both of which only affect incoming calls.
Link to Spysite.com.

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