No Pilot Please, I’m Vegan

Why do people always want to eat the pilot? Makes me not want to learn how to fly. Survivors of a plane crash in southern Chile spent five days in sub-zero temperatures awaiting rescue, and upon rescue they’re talking about how they almost ate Commander Long Pig. Snip:

The survivors and pilot huddled inside the felage, eating crackers and trying to maintain a fire in sub zero temperatures. Pilot Nelson Bahamondes survived the initial impact but slowly bled to death inside the cockpit, finally dying two days after the crash.
Bahamondes, an experienced pilot with an estimated 16,000 hours of flying time, provided leadership and guidance throughout the first two days of the ordeal, explaining to the passengers that a radio transmitter would help rescuers locate the craft. As the food ran out, Bahmondes died.
“He had a cut on his head, a big wound and he lost lots of blood,” said Victor Suazo, a Chilean police officer who was aboard the flight. “We couldn’t do anything for him and he died around noon on Monday.”
Soon after, the survivors’ hunger began to deplete their strength and they debated whether to eat the pilot. “We thought about the pilot, I don’t know how to say it … to feed ourselves from him. Link.

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