new uber-elastic electronic circuits will make our gynoids more sensitive

stretchable-circuit.jpgOver at Pink Tentacle the latest breakthrough in stretchable circuitry is explored, which will be incredible for potential in all kinds of things like soldiers and space suits — but I think it’s getting us closer to Blade Runner Replicant dreamland every day. Snip:

In a technological advance that opens up new possibilities in the fields of robotics and wearable computing, researchers at the University of Tokyo have developed a stretchable, rubbery material that conducts electricity and can be incorporated into electronic devices.
The researchers — led by assistant professor Takao Someya of the University of Tokyo — were able to create elastic electronic circuits that could be stretched up to 1.7 times their original size without affecting performance, thanks to conductive wires made from a new carbon nanotube-polymer composite they developed. (…) For robots, elastic electronic circuits will enable layers of soft, sensor-laden skin to be stretched tightly across the curves of their bodies, giving them both a more lifelike appearance and greater sensitivity to touch. (…read more.)

It’s all about “soft machines”. After reading that, watch these two Japanese gynoid videos and let your mind wander where mine has. Someone should really fund my research labs, doncha think?

“Do not touch my breast” via.

Insect repellent gynoid commercial via.

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