Escape From Berkeley is not your Cannonrun Ball, biofuel beeyotches

Image: the Delorean Mashup named 88MPH, an entry for the race by ALL Power Labs, which Burt Reynolds will not confirm nor deny he is driving for the event.
In The Cannonball Run, Burt Reynolds is a has-been race car driver and with his wacky sidekick played by Dom DeLuise (with his superhero alter ego, Captain Chaos, always waiting in the wings), they race an ambulance in a cross-country outlaw road race. In Escape From Berkeley, an actual event, several teams of biofuel vehicles are breaking the laws of consumption and — heh — gasification in a road rally of alternatively powered vehicles from Berkeley, California to Las Vegas, Nevada. They say, “Part engineering problem, part artistic opportunity, the rally challenges contestants to start their “engines” on something other than petroleum based fuel, and by any means necessary, cause their “vehicles” show up in Las Vegas three days later: using only fuels/power/motive force scavenged “for free” along the route.”
Check out the cool vehicles on the website; the FAQ allows the use of hamsters for power (CALL PETA!); the rally ranges from October 10-13th. There was a cool Escape From Berkeley kit at Maker Faire — the race starts Saturday October 11, but there’s a benefit dinner and event the night before if you’re around. Check for a mini lineup of events after the jump. At press time, Captain Chaos has not returned our requests for a press statement.
But I did embed a video of Robot Chicken’s take on Cannonball Run after the jump, in case it is what actually happens when these people escape from Berkeley.

* * * * * * *
Friday Oct 10th
Benefit Dinner Party 6-8
Vehicle Showcase & Send-off Party 8-12pm at Shipyard Labs
Saturday Oct 11th
Start of race ceremony at the Shipyard Labs
Ceremony festivities
Saturday Evening
Camping at Yosemite Pine RV (Groveland)
They have a swimming pool and we have center camp reserved
Individuals can rent cabins or yurts
Sunday Oct 12th
Second day of Race over the Sierras
Evening Camping at Owens Lake, CA
Monday Oct 13th
Final day of Race ending on the Vegas Strip
Dinner and awards ceremony
We are reserving the NASCAR CAFE

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