lucha libre: Bolivian female wrestlers kick ass in skirts


You have GOT to see the video on this one, snip:

(…) The crowd roared approval – it was a good show – but this was a warm-up act and there was impatience for the main event: Carmen Rosa, also known as the Champion. After a theatrical delay she appeared, a stocky figure with pigtails and a flouncy skirt, and she waded through wellwishers towards the ring.
Minutes later she had her opponent, a self-confessed sexist known as Eastern Hunter, pinned against a corner. Her foot pushed deeper into his neck. He yelped and collapsed. Rosa mounted the ropes, bounced for momentum, leaped backwards and crashlanded on the prostrate form. The cheers were deafening.
Welcome to lucha libre, freestyle wrestling with a Bolivian twist. This macho sport in this macho country, South America’s most impoverished and conservative, has been flipped into an unlikely feminist phenomenon.
Indigenous women known as cholitas, physically strong from manual labour but long considered powerless and subservient, have become stars of the ring. They train like men, fight like men – and beat men.
“We have been discriminated against since the beginning for the simple fact of being women, and indigenous women at that,” said Carmen Rosa, whose real name is Polonia Ana Choque. “Men used to mock us but we have come further than male fighters.”
At a recent night-time bout in El Alto, an impoverished satellite city overlooking the capital, La Paz, the 38-year-old mother-of-two emerged bloodied but triumphant. The crowd applauded and young women and girls chanted: “Women on top, men below.” (…read more, Guardian UK, who should really make their videos embeddable)

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