Gmail’s New Mail Goggles

Gmail’s New Mail Goggles

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Are you a victim of “drunken dialing,” information-superhighway-style? Do you find yourself emailing your ex with proclamations of undying love and/or total obsession with his/her beautiful toes? Have you been guilty of angry late-night dirty limericks to to your boss in which “Duck Fu” is rhymed with “F**K YOU!!!11!!1!”?

Enter Gmail’s “Mail Goggles,” a useful new feature for those of you who tend to go a little wild with the keystrokes after the imbibement of a fine pilsner and/or a dozen or so cocktails. “It’s that time of the day,” the tool informs you, and requires you to complete a few easy math problems before sending.

According to GMailBlog, once this puppy is enabled it’ll protect you from your own boundless enthusiasm for connectedness. By default, it blocks math-impaired typists late at night on the weekends, but you can adjust the time it functions in your general settings… in case those late afternoon three-martini lunches are the problem, know what I mean?

Via Chris Snyder on Wired’s blog.

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